Cores and Core Charges

Send your core to TRE and we will exchange it for one that we have in stock.

Your core will be accepted if the following criteria is met:

The housings are not broken or cracked.
The bearing bores are not damaged.
The core is not burnt up or flood damaged.
The core has not been run low on oil or overheated.
The core does not have excessive gear and/or shaft damage.
The core is not missing components.

  • Our main goal is to remanufacture your core for the next customer, your core must be a rebuild-able core.
  • We don’t expect your core to be perfect but it must be rebuild-able none the less.
  • We will call and/or email you an explanation of any additional core charges.
  • You may request the return of damaged parts for inspection or photos.
  • Understand that if you are sending an a core that was ran out of oil or driven till it wouldn’t drive any further it’s probably not worth the cost of shipping it in the first place.
  • If you have a question about a specific problem you suspect with your core, please call us. We can often give you a dollar figure based upon your condition report.

If you do not have a core to send in you may purchase one from us.


89-94 FWD = $600
95-99 FWD = $600
92-99 FWD = $600
89-90 AWD = $800
91-99 AWD = $800
EVO 5 speed = $1500
EVO 6 speed = $1200
EVO 8/9 t-case = $1600
EVO X 5 speed = $1600
DSM 89-99 rear diff assembly = $500
EVO-8 rear diff assembly = $1200
EVO-9 rear diff assembly = $1200