Cores and Core Charges

TRE realizes that there are those who need to get  their car back on the road fast and don’t have time or a spare car to use while stuff is being built. Not a problem, TRE has an EXCHANGE service and stocks most common items so they can ship immediately. We can ship you one of our pre-built exchange transmissions to your location so you can have it ready and waiting for you, allowing you to swap in the new transmissions all in the same day or at your convenience, saving you both time and money.


  • You decided to purchase an item from TRE on exchange.
  • The up front amount you will be paying is the price of the item + core charge.
  • When sending your core back for refund, place it inside the box that your new part arrived in and attach the return label and take it to FEDEX. Core refunds are refunded after we receive your transmission.


We must have your old core returned in a rebuildable condition. Otherwise we would have no units to exchange. In order to encourage you to make a timely return, we invoice you for the price of the rebuilt unit, PLUS we invoice you for the value of the core. The core charge is refunded to you once we have inspected it.

A core return must be returned within 45 days from the date you received your item.

A core refund is not issued until we complete the inspection of your core transmission. This may take up to 30 days after we receive your core but is usually refunded sooner.

Understand that we don’t expect your core to be perfect but it must be a useable core so that we can build it for the next person.


89-94 FWD = $400

95-99 FWD = $600

92-99 FWD = $600 STEALTH

89-90 AWD = $600

91-99 AWD = $600

EVO 5 speed = $1200

EVO 6 speed = $500

EVO 8/9 t-case = $1500

EVO X 5 speed = $1500

DSM 89-99 rear diff assembly = $500

EVO-8 rear diff assembly = $800

EVO-9 rear diff assembly = $800


Core deductions will be applied to your core only if they are not in rebuildable or in usable condition. We are very fair when it comes to what is acceptable and what deductions if any need to be made.  If it stopped moving under its own power, or if it ran out of oil, it’s probably not a good core.

Some of the guidelines are:

The case is not broken or cracked.
The bearing bores are not damaged.
The ring and pinion is usable.
The differential housings are rebuildable.
The unit is not burnt or flooded.
The transmissions has not been run low on oil or overheated.
There is not excessive gear and/or shaft damage.
There are no missing components.

  • TRE will call or e-mail you an explanation of any core reductions
  • You may request the return of damaged parts for inspection (at your expense), photos of the parts are free.
  • TRE’s main goal is to remanufacture your core for the next customer, your core must be a useable core.
  • Understand that if you are send back an item that was ran out of oil or driven till it wouldn’t drive any further it’s probably not worth the cost of shipping it back.
  • If you have a question about a specific problem you suspect with your core, please call us. We can often give you a dollar figure based upon your condition report.