How we get it done

Read the website. This is where it starts. Your job is to check out the services that we offer and to read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site, as there is a wealth of information there that pertains to your needs.

When comparing transmission shops the advertised price doesn’t mean anything if you’re not getting the same parts & service. Make sure to note all the parts replaced when comparing our transmissions against other shops and you will find that our prices are competitive, especially when you consider our superior build quality and the additional services that we offer.

Items are tagged and stamped once we receive them to insure that you get your own transmission back. We contact you and let you know what should be replaced and what upgrades we have for you.  We document everything, keeping all notes to insure accuracy. We have over 30 years combined experience with Mitsubishi transmissions in our shop. We can assist you in deciding what you really need, not just parts we can sell you.  All correspondence is kept in our records insuring accuracy.

At TRE we are proud of what we do for a living and want our work to look the best. Aluminum housings are glass beaded to like new condition. Cast iron housings like the rear differential will be epoxy painted. Powder coating is available those who are building something special. True it takes a little longer but we feel that it’s worth it and it looks better than paint or any coating every time.

We stock OEM/JDM spec parts. TRE has the largest inventory of hand selected OEM & JDM parts. We have virtually anything your transmission could need in stock. All parts are the latest & greatest part number. We only use premium bronze synchronizers. All parts that we receive from Mitsubishi are measured and inspected, only accepting the best of parts, refusing those that don’t meet our specifications.

We replace all non-reusable parts.  (end nuts, snap rings, roll pins, seals, springs.) There are certain items that other shops will reuse while trying to do a cheaper rebuild.  This isn’t wise or something we practice.

We precision CNC machine our center differential housings in house. Center differentials receive: a Torrington thrust bearing upgrade, backlash is adjusted correctly and include the HD bottom shim and spider gear thrust washers. Simply the best is what you get at TRE.

Our in house machine shop ensures precision work. 3 CNC mills and 2 CNC turning centers along with a small army of specialized machines are employed to do our tricks of the trade to give you the very best strength possible out your drivetrain components. We inspect and measure everything. A wet-Magnaflux inspects items for cracks and all critical dimensions are measured in tenths. Gear contact patterns are checked to see if the teeth are meshing on the DPC and modifications are done to insure they do so when heavily loaded with stress. We stress relieve the gear teeth, hand detail the parts, gears get shot peened while others get Isotropic Super Finished. We modify the oiling passages to improve lubrication in the transmission which has proven to reduce transmission temps and increase life of various components.  We blue print the transmission; making corrections to both the case and to the gear sets. This increases the durability while extending the service life of the transmission.

We properly adjust bearing preloads/clearances, making sure they are right on the money, using only high quality bearings and proven techniques that provide the longest bearing life while holding the gear sets tight.

We use a torque wrench on all fasteners. Proper torque on fasteners ensures maximum strength and durability.

TRE offers the best transmission shipping service. Our double wall boxes are larger and provide the best protection in the industry against damage during shipping & handling.  We care about your drivetrain components.